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What exactly are the requirements for listing an ICO on an exchange?

Anonymity. When you list your ICO on an ICO platform, it will require you to provide several of your personal details including the email address of yours, telephone number and also your actual physical address. This’s clearly crucial in case you are seeking investors and also do not want to disclose the identity of yours. But, in case you are looking for an influencer or perhaps journalist who’s not wanting to invest in the project of yours but simply would like to perform a story, coininfinity.io then having an online presence will help your project to acquire extra exposure.

Risks of listing for a decentralized exchange. The primary threat with listing on a decentralized exchange is the fact that if the decentralized exchange network is not successful, you can lose your listing fees. There is also the risk that the charges might go up whenever the system grows. Access to a more expansive Investor Base. Listing an ICO over a prominent platform allows it to exploit a great system of prospective investors actively looking for investment opportunities.

These platforms usually use a considerable user base interested in supporting fresh jobs, creating a fertile ground for ICOs to attract funding. As we saw in the blog post of ours on How much Will it really Cost to List a Cryptocurrency, the cost you find out on centralized exchanges may be more expensive compared to the real price tag. Nonetheless, as said before before, if there are more orders on the decentralized exchange, the fees is cheaper.22 in fees.50 per trade.

More Investors. Investors are looking to invest the money of theirs in probably the fastest growing industry on the earth. When you list your ICO on an ICO platform, the platform is going to have a listing bot that should search for potential investors and ship them directly to the site of yours. If we look at the important factors we outlined above, we need to list the token on the exchange which has the most active industry for that particular token.

If the token is not yet available for trading, meaning we must show it on the exchange which has the most active market place for that specific security. You will need to offer information about the team of yours, the job itself, the roadmap, etc. Furthermore, you will need to give all of the information that will permit investors to find out more about your project. If the token is a security and doesn’t have a product yet, it should be mentioned on the exchange that has probably the most active market place for that certain security.

This means you are going to need to pick very carefully which exchange you list your tokens on, as a few exchanges are definitely more centered on security tokens than others.